Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make Static Electricity

Here's how to make static electricity:
.small pieces of paper
.dry woolen cloth
.inflated balloon

1-Bring your comb near small pieces of paper and observe what happens.
2-Now rub your comb briskly with a dry woolen cloth.
3-Bring the comb towards some tiny pieces of paper and write down your observation.
4-Rub an inflated balloon with a woolen cloth.
5-Put the balloon against the wall and observe what happens.
6-Rub the balloon with the woolen cloth again.
7-Hold the balloon over very dry fine sand.

If you haven't understood how it works so here is an explanations:
.The pieces of paper did not react to the comb in the first step but after rubbing the comb with the cloth, the comb gained negative electrons so it becomes negatively charged and attracted the pieces of paper. The balloon stuck on the wall because it is negatively charged while the wall is positively charged. It will not do so if it is not rubbed with a woolen cloth. The same thing happened when in rubbing the balloon and holding it over fine sand. The balloon attracted the sand. This kind of electricity that stays fixed on a location is known as static electricity or electricity at rest.

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